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korea university of technology and education



“Leading national human resource development through fostering practical engineer and HRD experts”


“Creative integrated university with Korea’s best practical engineering and human resource development”

Core values
창의(Creativity) + 도전(Challenge) + 책임(Responsibility) + 실용(Practicability)
4 strategies
  • Secure top educational competitiveness
    • Receive “excellent” for university evaluation
      1. ①Enhance KOREATECH education model
      2. ②Attract outstanding students
      3. ③Strengthen global capacity
      4. ④Improve campus environment
  • Lead national job capacity development
    • World’s best HRD institution
      1. ①Strengthen support for national job capacity development
      2. ②Enrich employment and labor education
  • Expand industry-academic cooperation and social contribution
    • Outstanding customer satisfaction level
      1. ①Strength industry-academic cooperation and employment support
      2. ②Promotion of local community service
  • Realize advance management
    • Receive “excellent” from public institution management evaluation
      1. ①Strengthen autonomy/responsibility management
      2. ②Improve financial stability
      3. ③Strengthen customer support service
      4. ④Realize advanced labor-management culture