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korea university of technology and education
The School of Mechanical Engineering is focused on the development of engineers of the highest caliber through the convergence of the computer, control, electrical and electronic as well as IT engineering based on a basic platform of Mechanical Engineering studies.
The programs concentrate on machinery, automobiles, aeronautics, environment, electrical and electronics, semiconductors, computers, IT, among other fields of study highly relevant to a wide range of key applications in the industrial fields of today.
The KOREATECH ME program offers students practical training opportunities that are required in the industrial fields by exposing them to the latest theory and cutting-edge experimental and application tools and environments. Moreover, various electives are offered so that students can customize their learning either narrowly in a specialization path or broadly for a more generalized learning, within the three majors provided at the School of Mechanical Engineering.
The KOREATECH School of Mechanical Engineering maintains a broad network of collaboration with industries in and outside of Korea in the form of wide-ranging university-industry collaborative projects and engagements in dynamic academic exchanges with prominent universities and research institutes overseas that provide our students the opportunity to participate in a variety of research work.
Automobile, Environment and Energy

Students enrolled in the Program of Automobile, Environment and Energy learn automotive technology with due consideration to the environment and energy issues. Wide-ranging topics are covered during the program, including the development of high-performance automotive engines, light-weight automotive architectures based on new materials, zero-pollution automobiles, environmentally-conscious technology, vehicle dynamics, automotive electronic control, automotive NVH, high-efficiency power generation and motor systems, air-pollution engineering, environmental machine systems, development of alternative energy source, energy conversion engineering, among others.

Information Applied Systems

KOREATECH Program of Information Applied Systems provides courses in the designing of mechanical systems using IT and the Internet, computer-aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM), dynamics and control system CIM, fracture mechanics and material behavior, computer integrated manufacturing systems, micro-machine design and precision processing, manufacturing automation, acoustics and vibrations, development and application of smart materials, among others.

Intelligent Systems

The IT Applications track offers research and training opportunities in the fields of intelligent systems that combine mechanical engineering with information technology, web-based technologies and HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction). In the field of intelligent systems, topics such as robots, intelligent automobiles, artificial intelligence, and smart structures are covered. Web-based Technologies dealing with web-enabled engineering, parallel and distributed computing and Product Data Management (PDM), among others are also covered. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) courses deal with biomedical engineering, virtual engineering and application software, among others.