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korea university of technology and education
The term “Mechatronics” is a combination of “mechanics” and “electronics.” This is an area of technology that deals with the designing of intelligent mechanical systems by applying new technologies developed through electrical/electronic and computer technologies.
Mechatronics technologies are currently applied broadly to intelligent robots, automated production systems, micro-machining, semiconductor/display technology, intelligent facility technology, artificial intelligence automobiles, among a range of others. More recently, new applications of mechatronic technologies have been emerging in the areas of biomimetric which represents the merging of mechatronics with biological systems.
KOREATECH School of Mechatronics Engineering offers students an integrated learning opportunity that does not limit its students to areas of knowledge and technology of their major.
Through an integrated approach to learning, students gain the knowledge and experience of mechanical system designers as well as the insights of a system engineer, who is able to interface between experts in different fields. Our program is divided into three main tracks of Industrial Systems, Control Systems, Digital Systems, with the following goals.
Production System

This program deals with mechanical designing and processing, which are smart manufacturing systems using CAD/CAM. Training areas encompass ultra high-speed processing, ultra-precision processing, micro machining, rapid prototyping, metal mold designs and FMS, among others. Based on a well-structured curriculum, our program offers learning opportunities in the areas of CAD/CAM, intelligent product designs, forming and processing process interpretation, virtual processing, among others. The program is focused on producing creative experts endowed with the system level theories relevant to industrial engineering along with a holistic knowledge in advanced process engineering from design to processing.

Control System

On top of broad knowledge across the spectrum of basic mechanical engineering and mathematical interpretation skills, knowledge relevant to electrical/electronic engineering and computing, Information Technology and control are added to nurture field-oriented experts who understand the distinct features of advanced systems applied in the industrial field as well as those in use in everyday life of the people. The program is focused on developing experts in control systems who have the creative mind and practical skills in the interpretation and deign of control systems, who can play a pivotal role in the fields of automation and control as well as driving innovation in the fields.

Digital System

Digital Systems refer to systems that combine within a digital system the ability to make intelligent judgment to trigger certain mechanical behaviors, which basically refer to all mechanical plus electronic systems that have an embedded CPU. The objective of the program is to help students acquire the skills to design and implement such systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the two areas of Vehicular Mechatronics and Equipment Mechatronics, two areas of expertise that are most highly in demand by industries and are thus the two target markets of this program. Both theory and practical training are provided in this program within a structured curriculum that connects the three pivotal areas of semiconductor/display, real-time IT and intelligent equipment technology.