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korea university of technology and education
Computers have played a leading role in the industrialization of humanity.
Computers are also projected to play a pivotal role in the knowledge information society of the future.
Computer engineering is undoubtedly one of the most cutting edge disciplines.
The21stcentury requires new technology experts in computer related areas, such as computer system design and development, system management and analysis, system maintenance and repair, computer training, among others.
The goal of the Computer Engineering Program is to produce engineering experts with a balanced knowledge of computer hardware and software, the ability to design and develop various application systems and adapting such technologies to their fields through practical experiments and university-industry collaborative courses.
Basic courses for the freshman and sophomore years focuses on harnessing basic knowledge in computer hardware and software,whileinthejuniorandsenior years, various elective courses related to hardware, software and system application tracks offer students high satisfaction in terms of meeting their educational demand as well as broadening their opportunity for employment.
Computer H/W

This track is aimed at fostering experts in the development of computer hardware, with a basic knowledge in software. Intensive courses are offered in subject areas of micro processor applications, embedded systems, digital system design, among others.

Computer S/W

The purpose of this track is to nurture software development experts with the basic knowledge in hardware. To this end, students in this track are immersed in intensive courses in algorithm, database, software engineering, compliers, object-oriented development theory, information protection, web programming, among others.

Smart IT

By offering basic courses in computer hardware and software, the purpose of this track is to foster expertise in the design and development of various application systems in the fields of image/multimedia, computer graphics, virtual reality, network communications using the computer.