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korea university of technology and education
The Professors
Name E-mail Major Research Area
Kim, Eun­-Gyung e-mail Artificial Intelligence - Intelligent Agent
- Deep Learning
- Inventive Problem Solving with TRIZ
Cho, Tai-Hoon e-mail Computer Vision  
Jang, Kyung-Sik e-mail Embedded SystemI - H/W-S/W Co-design
- Realtime Sensing System
- Data Reversing
Choi, Young-Gyu e-mail Vision, Graphics - Machine Vision
- Video Surveillance
- Surface Modeling
Kwon, Oh-Young e-mail Parallel Processing ­- High Performance Computing
-­ Embedded Computing
Lee, Kang-Whan e-mail Wireless network System Design - Wireless Sensor Network
Jeong, Goo-Cheol e-mail Electronics and telly communications - Modulation
- Electromagnetic wave analysis
Yoon, Han-Kyung e-mail Neural Network - A.I.
Lee, Jae­-Hyub e-mail Computer Science(Computer Graphics) ­- Computer Graphics
- Virtual Reality
Park, Seung-Chul e-mail Computer Network - Multimedia Networks
- Network Security
- Privacy Protection
Kim, Yoon-Sang e-mail Virtual Reality - Virtual Reality
- Virtual Training
- Bioinfomatics
Kim, Sang-Jin e-mail Applied Cryptography - Cryptographic Protocol Design and Analysis
- Privacy
Cho, Jae-Soo e-mail Machine Vision - Automatic Visual Inspection
- Pattern Recognition
- Machine Vision
Min, Jun-Ki e-mail Database Query Processing & BigData, Mapreduce - Query Processing
- BigData, Mapreduce
Moon, Il-Young e-mail Wireless network & Mobile Programming - Wireless Internet(WAP, Wireless TCP,Bluetooth, WLAN, etc)
Seo, Hee-Suk e-mail Computer Engineering(Information Security) - Network Security
Kim, Sang-Youn e-mail  Haptics, Human-Computer Interaction - Haptics, nteraction system design,
virtual reality, sensor and actuator
Han,Youn-Hee e-mail Computer Network - Mobile Computing
- Internet of Thing
- Social Network Analysis
Kang, Hyeong-Ju e-mail VLSI and CAD - VLSI system design
- Microprocessor design
- Communication modem design
- CAD algorithm
Joo, Young-Bok e-mail Digital Image Processing & Analysis - Automatic Optical Inspection
- Face Recognition
- Content-based Image Retrieval
Mahmood Tariq Muhammad e-mail Intelligent Software Systems - 3D Shape Reconstruction
- Image Processing and Analysis
- Machine Learning
Kang, Seung-Woo e-mail Computer Science(Mobile Computing) - Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
- Power-efficient Mobile Systems
- Mobile Social Computing
- IoT Systems
Kim, Won-Tae e-mail Cyber-Physical Systems - Cyber-Physical Systems
- Networked Embedded Systems
- Internet of Things