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korea university of technology and education
The School of Industrial Design Engineering and Architectural Engineering are combined. The Industrial Design Engineering Magor concentrates on 'designing for innovative products for people, emphasizing on interdisciplinary formgiving (Gestalt) and integrated prototyping education. Architectural Engineering Major extensively focuses on structural system, enviroment-friendly materials, and construction methods as well as architectural theories, history and design process.
Industrial Design Engineering Major

TA 'product', in terms of Industrial Design Engineering, does exist not for the purpose of display, but of use. To give the optimal and satisfactory experience in use, the creating of a product must encompass not only aesthetics (Gestalt in arts), but also usability (Ergonomics) and productivity (Technical rigidity), in addtion to marketing sense (Business). KOREATECH's Industrial Design Engineering courses uniquely offer opportunities to go over these fields in BSc/MSc/PhD curricula. 

Architectural Engineering Major

The program focuses on educating how to create suitable living spaces with the balanced elements of structure, function, and aesthetics. As a kind of science that combines arts and engineering, Architectural Engineering aspires to design structures that are the product of economy, technology, and culture reflecting a society and an era. Advanced schooling is provided with experimental laboratories, and a range of guidance tools, complete with curriculum, focuses on theoretical basics and realistic skills required in the architectural field.