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korea university of technology and education
The School of Industrial Management provides the curriculum to foster specialists with the intellectual skills and ability to serve as proactive and creative agents in the digital society.
In order to achieve this mission, the School of Industrial Management applies three fundamental principles in its education: Industry Oriented Learning, Practices Oriented Learning and Techno-Management Link Learning that is linked to techno-management.
The School of Industrial Management offers three major programs which include Technology Management, Human Resource Management and e-Business.
Human Resource Management

This program offers specialization in human resources studies. The program focuses on developing HR experts, in demand by companies, based on an interdisciplinary study of business administration, public administration, law, economics, psychology, education, among others. Courses cover various topics including Human Resource Development, Labor and Economy, Industrial Relationships, compensation, organizational development and industrial psychology. Basic statistics, econometric analysis, and the application and use of computer tools are also provided to foster the ability to manage human resources that meet the demands of the Information Society.

Technology Management

Technology and business management is combined in this track, to develop experts who can analyze and find solutions to problems based on scientific analysis and implementation. Compared to existing business management courses, this track allows the students to acquire a broad spectrum of technical knowledge and technology management skills on top of basic business management principles. These courses are designed to foster the ability required of managers in technology-intensive industries such as venture start-ups, nurturing students as experts with creative minds, proactive attitudes and an understanding of the underlying technology.


The purpose of the e-business track is to leverage the inter-disciplinary nature of e-Biz, to pursue networking among the relevant engineering departments at KOREATECH. Students are encouraged to understand the new economic system through a socialistic approach to topics such as governance, features, modeling, patent strategies and marketing in the e-business architecture. The new technologies implemented in new systems and the direction of such evolution can be projected through an accompanying engineering approach. The focus is placed on allowing the students to understand the new paradigm of e-business from a broad perspective. The combination of these approaches enhances management skills in our students to adapt to new technologies and industrial environments in the field.