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korea university of technology and education
Eligibility of Applicants
  1. (1) Master / Combined Master & Doctorate course applicants
    • Those who have earned a Bachelor's degree.
    • Those who are expected to earn a Bachelor's degree
  2. (2) Doctoral course applicants
    • Those who have earned a Master's degree.
    • Those who are expected to earn a Master's degree
Screening Criterion of Language Abillity
Korean Track
Korean Proficiency Test

: Applicants with TOPIK Level 3 or higher
※ TOPIK Level 4 or higher is required for graduation while in school.

English Track
English Proficiency Test

: Applicants with TOEFL(PBT 530, CBT 197, iBT 71), IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 600 and higher
  ※Native English speaker can get an exemption from English Proficiency Test(High school transcripts)

General Track
English Proficiency Test

: Applicants with TOEIC 700 or higher

Submission Procedures of Application Forms
  • Selection of one's department & major
  • Consultation with KOREATECH prospective academic adviser (or the senior professor) in the department
      ※ Those who fail to receive a positive reply from an academic adviser(or the senior professor) after consulting with him       or her can not submit application forms
  • Preparation of application & required documents
  • Submit application forms and all the required documents within the designated submission period
Required Documents for Applying
※ All documents should be submitted by deadline. No application is valid after the deadline
NO Required Documents Remark
1 Application for admission - filedown Click here to download the form of Application for admission
Must be written in Korean or English only
2 Official certificate of degree or certified copy of diploma Transcripts and certificate from
3 Official transcripts : sealed
4 A copy of English or Korean
Score issued within 2years are accepted
5 Two letters of recommendation -At least one of the letter of recommendation should written by
academic adviser or senior professor of KOREA TECH
6 Study plan  
7 Personal Statement  
8 Official Family relationship document Between the applicant and applicant's parents
9 Letter of Consent & Letter of Request  
10 Health Insurance Must be submitted within 1 month after entrance
11 Certificate of Alien Registration Must be submitted within 1 month after entrance
12 A Copy of Visa Must be submitted within 1 month after entrance
13 Bank Statement or other financial
certifications under applicant's name
at least USD 18,000
14 One Photo taken within the last
15 A copy of passport  
Admission Schedule
Classified Period Remarks
Application and Documents
Fall semester : During June
1. by E-mail : Send your application
2. by post : Submit required documents
Documents Screening About 2 weeks The senior professor from each department
will screen applicants.
Interview Fall semester : At the beginning of July
Spring semester : At the beginning of Dec
Date and time will be announced by e-mail.
Decision Notification
for Admission
Before mid July for fall Aug
Before mid Jan for spring semester
KOREATECH sends an Admission Letter
Payment for registration Fall semester : During July
Spring semester : During Jan
Tuition fees Billing -> Payment
Visa Application Fall semester : During July ~ August
Spring semester : During January ~ February
In person
Semester begins Fall semester : Sep
Spring semester : Mar
Orientation /Course registration
Student ID card /Alien registration card
- The successful candidate should inform us of arrival date 2 weeks prior to departure
- The successful candidate should attend the orientation.
Important Notes for Applicants
  • The submitted documents will not be returned after the application has been processed.
  • In the case that the required documents are incomplete, the application will be rejected. Therefore, the applicant must be careful when submitting the required documents. The disadvantage based on the incomplete required documents will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  • All processed documents must be in their original form. However, copied documents can be accepted if the applicant submits the copied documents with the original document together or the submitted documents are notarized.
  • All applicants should be aware of new announcements made by the university(including homepage notices) and all the directions should be followed.
  • Successful applicants need to register by the due date at the designated places. Applicants will not be admitted if the appropriate amounts are not paid in full by the due date.
  • After the admission, upcoming graduates outside Korea and upcoming Masters course graduates have to submit their diploma (Batchelor's degrees), Master's degree to Graduate School Affair Team, and if the applicant does not submit this document without particular reason, then admission will be canceled.
  • False or forged documents, misrepresenting applications, or any other illegality will cause applications to be cancelled.
  • Prepare all documents necessary for a Visa in advance, so there will be no difficulties in entering the country.
  • Details that are not clarified in this guide will be determined by university policies and the graduate school committee decision.
Special note for applicants

If this applies to you, please prepare the document that is explained below for your visa beforehand. As this document takes long time to prepare, we would like to inform you in advance.

Documented proof of final level of education

In Principle, Documented proof of final level of education that you submit must be an original version. Documented proof of education that you requested and received is acceptable only within its validity, which is generally 30 days from the date of issue and extendable.

If you are a citizen of one of the 21 designated countries below or have a degree/ an academic certificate of one of those countries, you must submit ⅰ,ⅱ or ⅲ.

[Designated 21 Countries]
China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru(21 countries in total)
  1. ⅰ A document of degree/diploma certified in accordance with the Apostille Convention
  2. ⅱ A document of degree/diploma confirmed by the Korean consul stationed in the country where the school is located or by      the consul of the country concerned stationed in Korea
  3. ⅲ A certified report of degree/diploma issued by the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center/China      Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (only for those who acquired a diploma/degree in China)

※ If you have a diploma/degree of a Korean school, you may submit a document of diploma/degree without confirmation/     (Information will be verified with the original diploma/degree and the records on the Immigration Information System, and then     the copy will be stored.
- A citizen of countries other than the 21 designated countries above also may be required to submit a document amongⅰ, ⅱ     or ⅲ at the discretion of the head of an Immigration (Branch) Office, if he/she is suspected of falsifying the document.

  • A citizen of china with a degree or an academic certificate of a school in America: You must have your document certified in accordance with the Apostille convention or confirmed by the consul of Korean diplomatic missions in the U.S or the consul of American diplomatic missions in KOREA
  • A citizen of the U.S. with a degree or an academic certificate of a school in china: You must submit a certified report of degree/diploma issued by the china Higher Education Student Information and Career Center/China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development center or a document confirmed by the consul of Korean diplomatic missions in China.
  • A high-school graduate : proof of final education (a certificate of graduation)
  • A person with a bachelor's or higher degree: Proof of degree(a certificate of graduation showing the degree is also acceptable)
  • A transfer student: Proof of final education (if bachelor's or higher degree - proof of the degree) and a certificate of attendance of current school(if you are still attending school)
  1. Address : The Graduate School of Korea Univ. of Technology and Education
                        1600 Chungjeol-ro, Byeongcheon-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-City,
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  2. Phone : +82-41-560-1220
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