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korea university of technology and education

A Korean Language and Cultural Study Program for Foreigners and Overseas Koreans

The objective of the program is to promote the learning of Korean language and culture, as well as to assist international students adapt to life in Korea

This program is unique among Korean language programs offered elsewhere in Korea. KOREATECH, as the leader of specialized engineering education in Korea, offers language programs tailored to the practical needs of students planning to enter the Engineering College. Students admitted to an advanced level in the KOREATECH Korean Language program will be given the opportunity to learn the Korean language within a systematic curriculum that converges with lectures in the engineering fields, encompassing theory and practice, field study, among others. Finally, our Korean language program offers opportunity to acquire a high quality education and experience life at an institute of higher learning at relatively low expense. Enrollment in our program will grant students part-time work opportunities on campus.

Course Details
Course Korean Language Course Engineering Class for Advanced students Special course for students in Korean Language Course
Class Hours 4 quarters per year
1 quarter : 10 weeks - 200 hours, 09:00~13:00, Mon.~Fri.
2 times per week during the Korean Language Course
Eligibility Students must be foreigners or Overseas Koreans who are at least 18 years of age. (International students, Exchange students, Foreign staffs and Professors) Students wishing to major in Engineering, among students in the Advanced Level of Korean Language Course. Students who take the Korean Language Course in GEC
Education contents - Improve Korean conversation skills and grammars
- Learn about Korean culture and society
- Prepare students for university-level lectures in Korean
- Engineering Terminology in Korean and Introductory Engineering Courses in Korean
- Special lectures by experts in area to help choose field of major
- Tour of KOREATECH engineering laboratories
- Pronunciation Clinic
- K-pop class
Other class activities - Cultural Excursions(e.g. Palace Tour, Temple Stay, Everland, Lotte World)
- Cultural Experiences on Campus(e.g. Kimchi-making, University Exhibitions, Festival)
Distinct Features of the KOREATECH Korean Language Program
  • Korean Language Program assuming Enrollment at KOREATECH
  • Korean Language Program customized to the Needs of Engineering Studies
  • Practical Language Training Targeting Immediate Use in the Field
  • Basic overview of the field of major during language program along with basic technical training
  • Study field trips during program period to labs in engineering departments of companies in relevant industry
Student Benefits
  • Scholarship
    • The top student in a Korean Language class that has at least 5 students will receive 500,000 Won
  • Buddy Program
    • Sisterhood/brotherhood program with Korean students of KOREATECH
    • Korean language learning through regular meetings
    • Friendship with Korean Buddy students for the adaptation of studying in Korea and Korean culture
  • Eligibility for work-study program of KOREATECH
  • Student ID issued (used for borrowing books from the library and entering the gym, electronic cash)
  • Students who acquire Level 3 or higher in the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) may be admitted immediately to the KOREATECH undergraduate school in the upcoming semester
  • Supplementary training for slow learners
Application Process
  • Admission Eligibility : Students must be foreigners or Overseas Koreans who are at least 18 years of age
  • Admission Procedure : ① Submission of required documents → ② Screening of documents→ ③ Payment of tuition→ ④ Issuance of regular admission notice & receipt of tuition payment → ⑤ Application for visa issuance and granting of visa (through Korean consul or embassy) → ⑥ Entry to Korea → ⑦ Alien (foreigner) registration in Korea
  • Required Documents :
    • A copy of Passport
    • A copy of ID (Both student and parents)
    • Resume, Letter of self-introduction (Forms provided by GEC)
    • High school diploma and Official transcript
    • Original copy of Parent's employment certificate, Proof of income
    • Notarized certificates of Family Relation
    • Financial affidavit (Certificate or receipt of 5,000 USD or more currency exchange, or certificate of remittance of 5,000 USD or more)
    • Five passport-sized photographs (3 X 4)
  1. Address : Global Education Center of KOREATECH
    (330-708) 1600 Chungjeol-ro, Byeongcheon-myeon, Cheonan, Chungnam, Rep. of Korea
  2. Phone : +82-41-560-1455
  3. E-mail :
    Web site :